Statement of Intent

Adhoc Assembly (Artists Driving Holistic Organisational Change) is comprised of Canadian performing arts companies and artists who are dedicated to the continued and sustained forward movement of ethno-cultural and socially diverse performance works, artistic processes and traditions. Members of this group have banded together in solidarity and joint advocacy for the creation and dissemination of diverse performance works.

We are seeking to establish a new artistic working relationship between performing artists and organizations that will reflect the specific artistic goals of member organisations which have, historically, been culturally marginalized from the existing structures.

a)      Whereas the undersigned organizations have agreed to form a voluntary body representative of diverse performance creators in Canada

b)      Whereas we understand the need for the term “ethno-cultural and socially diverse” to include races and cultures that are rooted outside of the regions  recognized as European, as well as peoples who identify outside of conventionally recognized gender polarities, peoples whose sexual identities counts them among the minority, and peoples who are physically and/or mentally differently abled. Further, it is understood that this diversity impacts form and practice, and therefore engagement with diverse artists must take place on a deep and meaningful level in “mainstream” performance works, including positions as primary creators and producers.

c)      Whereas there is a clear and present need to acknowledge that ethno-cultural and socially diverse artists and organisations play an integral role in the production of innovative and contemporary Canadian arts.

d)      Whereas the current institutionalized ecology of Canadian performing arts is neither representative of, nor conducive to evolving practises in diverse performance creation and/or to classical practises outside of the Western European cultural context

e)         Whereas we both acknowledge the hierarchy of oppression (race, gender/sexulaity, ability) historically embedded in our arts practice, we also actively reject such hierarchy

f)      Whereas the lack of access for diverse artists to the means of production makes it imperative that the institutionalized ecology of Canadian performing arts evolve to support, acknowledge and represent the breadth of professional practice in these contexts

We hereby affirm the Ad Hoc Assembly’s intention to pursue change that will support and facilitate the growth and development of theatre in Canada by means that celebrate diverse artistic practises and promote respect for all artists.

It is declared that representation by members of the Ad Hoc Assembly in discussions and initiatives regarding diversity in Canadian theatre is absolutely essential for the inclusion of national diverse performance creating perspectives.

It is further understood that initiatives where Ad Hoc Assembly is not represented will fail to genuinely incorporate the interests of Canada’s diverse professional performance creators.

The Ad Hoc Assembly is committed to equity, fairness, artistic freedom, individual autonomy, collective effort and excellence in the performing arts. We welcome all initiatives and discussions that affirm these principles.

We undertake to ensure that diverse artists and arts practises are given voice and presence in the Canadian theatre ecology.




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