The Ad Hoc Assembly is spearheading the IndiVisible Report, a participatory research initiative addressing equity seeking artists in Canada.   In July 2015 we will begin Phase One: Environmental Survey, with a focus on documenting works in the identified cultural sector.   Phase One is undertaken with support from the Canada Council for the Arts: Equity Office: Cultivate Program.



Ongoing outcomes are shared as a public resource through tabs on the right side of this website, including:


  • Lists of artists identified with equity-seeking communities (directors, dramaturges, designers, playwrights, choreographers)
  • Catalogue of works by Canadian artists identified with equity-seeking communities
  • Targeted Resources (creation units, apprenticeships, funding)
  • Progress updates on critical reading
  • Summary of actions and initiatives by other organizations
  • Explorations of vocabulary



  • DM St. Bernard
  • Jivesh Parasram
  • Yvette Nolan



  • Organizations are asked to send their production history to for inclusion in our national catalogue of works
  • Individual artists are invited to bring their voices to the critique and dissemination of materials generated
  • Researchers are welcome to participate or inquire








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