Positioning Brainstorm – Prismatic 2010

Positions posited for further exploration, synthesized from group discussion at Onelight Theatre’s 2010 Prismatic festival, Halifax NS.

1. All theatre is ethno-cultural. To call the artistic expression of selected culture(s) “mainstream” is to institutionalize one culture as the norm, and to marginalize others.

2. When the metrics of success are based on an exponential growth model, the measure of our success is not recognized.

3. Access to mechanisms by which information/culture is mass disseminated constitutes power to shape the public discourse and therefore to be manifest within that discourse.

4. The potential to elevate an arts organization through a one-time significant funder investment is demonstrable, replicable and not without precedent in recent years.

5. It is the responsibility of institutions who set the normative standard by merit of their scope to actively influence the public discourse.

6. It is incumbent upon Canadian arts institutions to actively pursue a public discourse that diverges from the current heteronormative, Eurocentric, colonial, secular, judeo-christian biased and patriarchal mislabeled ‘norm’.

7. As cultural leaders we have both the responsibility and the vocabulary to advance the pursuit of equity against the status quo.


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