TITLE: Voluntary Addendum to Engagement 


To expand the protections implicit in PACT/CAEA’s Not In Our Space program to artists who experience a behaviour or environment which, while equally harmful, is not explicitly addressed under the rubric of “sexual harassment and bullying” or “questionable behaviour”. This encompasses hostile workplace environments arising from racism, discrimination, violence, exclusion, intimidation, demeaning or diminishment on the basis of cultural or other identity.


Artistic leaders are encouraged to articulate their commitment to values including these on First Day of Rehearsal on its own or as an addendum to the NiOS dialogue, and to incorporate the principles pervasively throughout their organizations.  Engagers must articulate their commitment to the cultural safety of artists in their own words.  Artists are encouraged to articulate their own needs beyond this document. Creative teams should use this tool to begin a conversation, not to replace it.  The addendum should be amended if the need for additional specificity arises in-process.


The following clauses are offered as language/concepts to include in your offering.  Engagers should choose the clauses they are able to commit to from the list below, and/or articulate new clauses that are meaningful in the context of the organization’s work.  You may choose to create a distinct addendum for each production, or to craft one that is used throughout the season.  With the Radical Clause, engagers are asked to commit to accountability beyond the period and parameters of the engagement, and to prioritize safety over liability-aversion.  We challenge engagers to add the Radical Clause to all contracts. Clauses offered below, in embedded document.


Each engager must define the accountability process for their own organization.  Suggestions offered below, in embedded document.


Socially diverse as used in this document includes gender diverse, Deaf, disabled and mad artists.  


This document was created by Ad Hoc Assembly through a process of community consultation, with significant contributions from impacted artists in ON, AB and BC.  Additional input was provided from PACT and CAEA.  The resource is ‘open source’, for general use and adaptation.




Copy, paste and refine the relevant clauses into your own document.  We look forward to seeing what you make of it.  Share your completed version with us at adhocassembly@gmail.com using VATE in the subject line.



Q: Should I have my addendum reviewed by legal counsel?

A: Sure.


Q: Why didn’t you finish writing the addendum?

A: We have no idea who you are working with, or what they need.  That’s between y’all.