What We Do

ADHOC Assembly:

Artists Driving Holistic Organizational Change

A national arts advocacy collective dedicated to the sustained forward movement of ethno-cultural and socially diverse performance works, processes and traditions.

We convene gatherings, investigate gaps, amplify voices formerly marginalized by systemic inequity.

In the shifting territory of equity advancement, we act as we are compelled, positioned, equipped.

Ad hoc: as needed.




Membership is a way to express solidarity, put numbers behind our advocacy and be invited to contribute to actions as they arise.  It also lets us know to whom we are accountable.  This is not an obligation, but an opportunity to opt-in.

BECOME AN ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBER of AD HOC Assembly.  Suitable for organizations/collectives committed to equity-advancing values, identifying as a part of the equity-seeking arts community, interested in receiving our (occasional) newsletter.

BECOME A CONSTITUENT MEMBER of AD HOC Assembly.  Suitable for individual arts practitioners (including administrators) committed to advancing equity, who align  with the values of AHA and want to access the national dialogue around equity-seeking arts.

There is no fee for membership, but we welcome donations toward specific actions.